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How I Got Back to Writing

Updated: May 2, 2022

It all started back in 2009 when I reconnected with reading novels. Daily trips to work in NYC meant a minimum of two hours on the train. After reading countless great books, I started to wonder how a slight change in the plot, some of the characters, or even the ending could have made some of these book even greater than what they already were.

I asked myself, rather than imagining ways to improve the works of others, why not try to create my own story? Why not tell the stories the way I want to tell them? These questions drove me to write my first novel, "Liar's Justice". I worked with a great literary agent, but alas, no big publishing house was willing to take it on. But I continued to write. I wrote "The Price of the Verdict", which was followed by "A Killer's Tears." I believe "A Killer's Tears" was completed around 2012, which was when I took a break from writing.

Between family, work and a new project I started with some dear friends (a classic rock cover band - more on that on another blog) left me no time to continue writing. The three manuscripts sat around collecting dust (figuratively, of course. as they sat around in my computer) until 2022. At a dinner with very new friends we made, the conversation wound up on the topic of writing books. The next morning, I decided to get back to writing.

Of course, as any writer knows, reading your manuscript always evolves into a rewrite. I started backwards by rewriting "A Killer's Tears." I will get to the other two manuscripts in due course. And then, I will find new stories to tell.

No matter where this journey ends up, I'm grateful that I'm writing again, without an agenda, where the mere telling of the story becomes an end in of itself.

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