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Richard Heller's "Allies in Time"

If you like WWII based historical fiction, pick up Richard Heller's "Allies in Time". During WWII, Japanese soldiers were embedded in certain Pacific islands to defend the Japanese empire from the attacking Allied forces. These soldiers remained on the island even though the Allies had bypassed their island, and long after the end of WWII. They integrated with the indigenous population, while under the erroneous belief WWII was ongoing.

Heller's "Allies in Time" tells a story of an unexpected encounter between these Japanese soldiers, a modern day US nuclear submarine and a Russian nuclear submarine. The details with which Heller describes the workings of a nuclear submarine is simply remarkable, and he masterfully details the intricate blending of Japanese culture with the indigenous population.

Though "Allies in Time" features exciting naval conflict for the war buffs, it also tells a story of survival, loss, understanding and love. Add in a sprinkle of international politics, and you have a great book. I highly recommend it.

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