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Richard Doetsche's The 13th Hour: Chaos

I just finished Richard Doetsche's newest novel, "The 13th Hour: Chaos". This is a standalone novel that is largely based on Richard's prior novel, "The 13th Hour." Both books feature the protagonist, Nick Quinn, who is given an opportunity to correct a horrible tragedy with the help of a special watch. The watch enables him to go back into the past, hour by hour, to try and prevent the countless disasters that Nick has to witness. With the passing of each hour, Nick learns a little more about the imminent disaster to help him solve the problem. But, he only has 13 hours to come up with a solution.

The 13th Hour: Chaos is the most original thriller I've read that makes the reader wonder what exactly goes on in the curious yet brilliant mind of the author. There are many novels that pit the protagonist against the clock to solve a problem, but I can't think of a single one that is entirely based on a life or death race against each passing hour.

The novel blends in numerous subplots involving war, money, revenge, political gain, and most importantly, friendship, family and love. It's a great read, but be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride. I highly recommend it.

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