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Ordinary Man by R.J. Cadmus

My genre of choice for both reading and writing are mystery thrillers that keep you guessing while your heart is pounding with uncertainty and excitement. So, it was a little out of character for me to pick up "Ordinary Man" by author R.J. Cadmus. And, I'm really glad I took this detour.

The protagonist, Bill Ward, is the "ordinary" man who goes about his life, trying to live by his basic principles and "do the right thing." Many in our society would view him as just that -- an ordinary man. He isn't rich. He isn't sexy. He isn't famous. But he is who he is, and he knows exactly who he is.

The book opens with Bill witnessing a horrible car accident. He risks his own life to save the young mother and her daughter just before the minivan gets engulfed in flames. Bill becomes an overnight sensation for his good act -- something that means nothing to Bill, and attention he never sought. I would like to say more about the story, but I'll refrain for fear of giving up spoilers.

As much as I believe the "Ordinary Man" is about the remarkable journey of one "ordinary" man, I think the book is much more than that. It's a story that sheds light on the society we live in, the harsh reality of racism, destroying others for self-promotion, judging people for the sake of judging, and most importantly, about human nature -- both good and bad. It's a book about the loyalty of friends and family, but the same loyalty that is earned by the genuineness of your character.

I genuinely enjoyed reading this book. A real diamond in the rough, written by a first-time author. I look forward to reading his next book.

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